From jump starting your brand and keeping it driving forward, Rum Runner Multimedia is your full service creative engine. We go full throttle on every project, big or small, and everything in between, to get you and your company off the starting line to the place you want to be.

We are a fully loaded creative agency which brings our vast project knowledge and experience to bear, each and every time.

We can offer it all, because we’ve done it all. Whatever you need, we got it. Pick your poison.

Branding is more than just a logo. It’s the face you present to the world — not just what you do, but what you stand for. Rum Runner will help you build the unique, memorable and consistent brand identity that your organization needs to get noticed in today’s crowded marketplace.

• Logo Development

• Print Development

• Digital Development

• Social Media Development

• Business Collateral Development

• Messaging Development

• Slogan Development

• Brand Guides

• Brand Consulting

Many agencies offer designers. Rum Runner provides artists. We help our clients fully visualize their concepts and produce the imagery to draw their customers in. Our team can produce illustrations in a wide range of styles and a variety of mediums to suit your tone and see your specific business requirements.

• Technical Drawings

• Cartoons & Caricatures

• Custom Painting

• Pencil, Ink & Watercolor

• Charcoal & Pastel

• Airbrush

• 3D Illustration

• Photography

• Sculpture

• Installations

The best websites aren’t only visually stunning. They are user friendly and intuitive. Rum Runner never puts form above function. We work hard to seek harmony and synergy between the two in all of our front end web and application designs. Whether you’re looking for a quick facelift for your online presence or you seek a total design overhaul, we can deliver.

• Simple to Complex Websites

• Custom Social Media Graphics

• Icon Development & Design

• User Interface Design

• Application Graphics

• Button Development & Design

• Banner Ads

• Design & Text Updates

• HTML eNewsletters/Email

From script to screen - Rum Runner offers a wide array of HD video production services under one roof. Whether you need basic shooting and editing or multi-camera productions with digital special effects, green screen or 3D animation, we have the creative expertise to deliver the polish you need and in the formats your distribution platform requires.

• Video Production

• Motion Graphics

• Digital Special Effects

• Color Correction

• Green Screen

• Audio Editing

• DVD Authoring

• Video Editing

• PowerPoint to Video Conversion

Powerful publications and presentations harness the full power of graphic design. Whether you require an image for your annual report, icons for your app, or an infographic for your white paper, Rum Runner can deliver anything that you need and in whatever style you want it.

• Graphic Design

• Infographics

• Presentation Graphics

• Charts

• Photography

• Photo Retouching

• Icons

• Signage

• Point Of Sale Displays

Design is not just about graphics. Layout is a crucial aspect of any successful piece of collateral, communication or packaging design. Whether you’re looking to publish in print or in digital, our expertise can help you deliver clean, fresh, and professional results for your newsletters, magazines, catalogs, periodicals, brochures or anything else you can imagine.

• Newsletters

• Magazines & Catalogs

• Ads & Brochures

• Apparel

• Event Collateral

• Books & Booklets

• Digital Publications

• Packaging

• Promotional Materials

• Point of Sale Materials

• White Papers

• Posters

• Menus/Restaurant Collateral

Graphics don’t need to be static. They can move, evolve, and change before your customers’ eyes. Capture the attention of your customers with motion. Let Rum Rummer use animation to bring your presentations, video, signage and online ads to life.

• Digital Signage

• Animation

• Bumpers & Leaders

• Animated Logos

• Opening Title Sequences

• Credit Sequences

• Animated Infographics

• Animated Presentation Graphics

• Animated Online Ads

• Animated 3D Graphics

At Rum Runner, we manage your creative needs from initial concept to final production. We work with our team of trusted vendors in the print, promotional and video industries to make sure our clients get exactly what they want, overseeing the entire process to ensure quality and timeliness to meet, or beat, any deadline.

• Creative Direction

• Creative Team Management

• Consulting

• Vendor Management

• Training


Let us know what we can do to help you drive forward. All initial meetings and quotes are free of charge, usually within a one to two business day turnaround. Start your new journey today with Rum Runner.

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